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How will S-REITs perform this year? Buy or sell in 2020?

I was reading this old interview transcript with Stanley Druckenmiller recently. In the interview,...

Prime REIT IPO Review: Is it a good time to be buying REITs?

In my article last week on the Top 5 High Yielding REITs to buy right now, I listed Prime REIT as one of the...

The Weekly Horse: Dilemma of a 40 year old REIT investor

For the past week, I've been conversing with a reader with a very unique financial situation. I've summarised the key points below (keeping his...

REPs Invest Review: Resale Endowment Policies

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by REPs Invest, all opinions and views expressed in this article are courtesy of Financial Horse. I’ve...

Hyflux – Temasek, Parliament, and Retail Investors

I’ve been following the Hyflux saga on and off since my original article a while back, but this last weekend, things really started exploding...

Best 3 Singapore REITs to buy now (2020)

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post on REITs. I love REITs,...

Prime REIT IPO Balloting Results

So Prime REIT's IPO Balloting Results are out (see cover above), and let's just say they're not fantastic. IPO Balloting Results To break down the results...

Top 5 REITs to buy now (2018/2019)

REITs have been getting a lot of bad flak recently. I like to think that this is down to 2 reasons. Firstly, because REITs are...

Why is Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust acquiring Frasers Commercial Trust: Good for unitholders?

The big news that came out this past week was Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust (FLT) acquiring...

ARA US Hospitality Trust Review: Why I’m skipping this REIT

It’s been a while since we had a SGX mainboard IPO, so boy, does it feel good to go through the ARA US...

Where would I invest $200,000 in Singapore REITs now? (2020)

So I received this question from a REITs MasterClass member:

Is it time to sell REITs and prepare for a global slowdown?

A Patron member recently posed this question (details changed slightly for privacy reasons): I’ve been reading that some big name REITS like Mapletree and Capitaland...

Temasek’s T2023 five-year retail bonds: Are they a buy?

Hot on the tails of the recent Astrea IV private equity bonds, comes the latest Temasek T2023 5 year Retail Bonds with a 2.7%...

Elite Commercial REIT IPO Review: 3 quick thoughts on this hot new IPO

Note: Given that the final prospectus has been registered, do also check out my updated thoughts in a more comprehensive...

Eagle Hospitality Trust Review: Better than ARA US Hospitality Trust?

To be honest, I actually wasn’t planning to do a review on Eagle Hospitality Trust. But then I realised it was a long weekend,...