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I was reading this old interview transcript with Stanley Druckenmiller recently. In the interview,...

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Hyflux – Temasek, Parliament, and Retail Investors

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Astrea V Debrief: Do I regret buying these bonds?

For those who missed it, the balloting results for Astrea V were out on Wednesday, and the bonds started trading on the SGX on...

Astrea V Balloting and Allocation Results

So the Astrea V balloting results are out and they're pretty interesting. This is Astrea V: The Issuer received nearly S$820 million in valid applications as...

Elite Commercial REIT IPO: Update – Why I decided to skip this IPO

In my original review on Elite Commercial REIT's IPO, I concluded by saying that I wasn't sure...

Top 3 COVID-Proof REITs to buy in Singapore

A couple months back, I wrote on article on the 3 Best Singapore REITs to buy in Singapore.

SIA 5 year 3.03% Retail Bonds – The best thing since sliced bread?

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Retail Bonds by now. It’s a 5 year bond yielding 3.03%...

Rights issues for Singapore REITs – Decision making process (Keppel KBS REIT)

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Best 3 Singapore REITs to buy now (2020)

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Prime REIT IPO Balloting Results

So Prime REIT's IPO Balloting Results are out (see cover above), and let's just say they're not fantastic. IPO Balloting Results To break down the results...

Netlink Trust: A buy after the current dip?

At its current price of S$0.78, assuming a 4.64 cents yield for FY2019 (from the IPO prospectus), Netlink Trust (CJLU.SI) is trading at a...

Where would I invest $200,000 in Singapore REITs now? (2020)

So I received this question from a REITs MasterClass member:

SIA Retail Bonds Balloting Results – And some quick thoughts

For those who missed it, the balloting results for the SIA 3.03% 5 year retail bonds are out. As expected, the offering was upsized from...