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The story of the week has got to be Facebook’s 20% drop in one day. I am sure everyone has their own take on it, but personally I felt the price drop was unwarranted. I don’t want to launch into a full discussion on it before I’ve had a chance to really look at the earnings call transcripts, but if I were to make a guess, I would say that the 20% drop has opened up a good buying opportunity for long term Facebook investors. I quite like this stock, so I may look to rotate some capital into Facebook going forward. As always, it pays to be patient after such a large drop, so I will be monitoring the price closely over the next few trading days, before deciding when to open a position.

The Weekly Horse

All Financial Horse does in his free time during the week is read financial news. With this new initiative (“The Weekly Horse”), hopefully some good can come out of it. During the week, I post articles that I enjoyed on the Facebook Group (do join if you want a sneak peak), and every Sunday I will collate the links for readers. I also take the opportunity to address queries from readers, or share any thoughts that I have for the week. If you enjoyed this post, do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Enjoyed this post on the traits of a great investor. Surprisingly, intelligence and experience don’t count for much, but controlling your emotions and attitude matter far more.

Really interesting article that argues why it is better to just keep buying even though you think it’s a market top, than trying to buy only when you think is a market bottom.

Great share from a reader, I’ll look to do an article on Frasers:

Would be nice if we can do a comparison between Fraser ppty vs Capitaland. Both spore based property giant with strong brand names and geographically diversified across multi sector of residential/retail/commercial/hospitality. Fraser has a strong footprint in logistics in australia, expanding into europe and strong residential development bz in austalia. capitaland has very strong residential dev and retail mall presence in china. both their shares prices got hammered quite hard this mth and i think there is value to accumulate both ( currently fraser is looking abit more attractive on p/bv, pe,div yield basis. free float is also low, mayb another wheelock case?). Both their exposure to spore residential is low and so the latest ppty cooling measure shd hav limited impact on them. But both also face similar challenges with depreciation of the aud and the rmb against the sgd respectively.

I’m with him on this one. Japanese tightening is truly a pipe dream.

Very interesting theory that someone has pegged the price of gold to the yuan. Anyone interested in gold here?

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