Top Reads this Week (13 Jan)


Rounding up the top finance reads from around the web this week. If you enjoyed this, do also check out Financial Chickens, a new initiative to compile the top daily reads from the sources that I personally follow.

How I Grow My CPF Today for my future retirement (Heartland Boy)

I’m not a fan of topping up CPF SA, but it can definitely be a decent strategy for certain types of investors.

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Analysis of Ascendas REIT and Mapletree Industrial Trust (Frugal Youth Invest)

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Mapletree Industrial Trust collaborates with Equinix to expand data centre footprint (REITs Week)

The Intelligent Investor Summary (ReThink Wealth)

Quite a good summary of the intelligent investor if you haven’t read it yet. Saves you a couple hours of having to read the real book. 😀

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UOB has dropped almost 20%… are valuations finally attractive at S$25.00 and 3% dividend yield? (Asia Report)

January Macro Update: 2018 Employment was the second best since 2000 (Fat Pitch)

Now that the fed has walked back their hawkish approach, and with US economic data still looking strong, is 2019 going to be a good year for US stocks?

Mnuchin Massacre Christmas Eve Bottom? (The Macro Tourist)

It’s amazing how a few sentences by Jerome Powell can set off a huge risk rally that continues till today. That’s the power of investor sentiment.

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