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CDL repurchased $21.4 million in shares in two months – is it worth a look? (The Fifth Person)

I’m quite bearish on property developers in general, but I did enjoy this article on CDL. Definitely not buying though…

Shared by a reader:

Why looking at the dividend yield is one of the worst things you can do (The Asia Report)

The Fed screwed up badly (Scott Grannis)

Absolutely agree on this one. I think the Feds screwed up this rate hike badly, and they’ve drastically raised the possibility of over tightening into the next recession.

REITs asset injections: A little less action a little more discretion, please (Business Times)

It’s quite a one sided piece, but it does illustrate the perils of investing in REITs.

Expectation vs. Reality (Of Dollars and Data)

Expectations vs reality matters because financial markets can deviate from expected returns for extended periods, with devastating consequences for personal finance planning.

There are no Atheists in Foxholes (The Macro Tourist)

Ignore the title, and there’s a powerful message here. Are the days of the hawkish fed over?

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