Top Reads this Week (24 February)


Rounding up the top reads from around the web, as shared by fellow investors or myself in the Financial Horse Facebook Group.

Lessons learnt from Hyflux, Singtel & Starhub (The Asia Report)

Dividends may be sexy, but they are only as strong as their underlying cashflows.

How to invest a lump sum (Of Dollars and Data)

Nice article on DCA vs lump sum investing. Turns out lump sum investing outperforms most of the time, as long as you stick to big indexes.

True giants of the investment world: Buffett, Templeton, Booth, Bogle, Swensen (Endowus)

Great summary of the investment philosophies of some great investment managers.

IREIT Global – NAV up by 11.6% for FY2018 (Forever Financial Freedom)

Pretty surprised that IREIT is doing so well actually… Could be an interesting way to diversify.

Singapore Budget 2019: 10 things to know, from Bicentennial Bonus to Merdeka Generation Package (Straits Times)

Till next time, Financial Horse, signing out!

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