Top Reads this Week (27 Jan)


Commentary: Who’s buying private property after last year’s cooling measures? (Channel News Asia)

Interesting take on why property is, and will continue to remain strong after the cooling measures.

Best Way to Short China? (The Macro Tourist)

How to trade the China slowdown, without shorting the yuan-usd. It may not necessarily work, but the thought process is always interesting.

10 Charts to Watch in 2019 (Top Down Charts)

Bunch of really great charts to take note of in 2019.

Fickle Fortune (Of Dollars and Data)

We are all lucky in our own ways. It’s how we use that luck that defines who we are.

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Astrea Investor Day 2019 Write-Up & Thoughts (The Asia Report)

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Hyflux says perpetual and preference shareholders will lose everything in liquidation (Straits Times)

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Heartland Boy 2018 Stock Performance Review (Heartland Boy)

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