Top Reads this Week (30 Dec)


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This is going to be the last Top Reads for the year, so Happy 2019 to all readers!

4 Important lessons I learned from investing in 2018 (Fifth Person)

I love reading about other people’s mistakes, because every mistake I learn from, is one that I don’t repeat. (Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not a sadist…)

Shared by a reader:

Follow up on Singtel 5.9% yield – Are dividends at risk? (Asia Report)

“Something is Wrong”: Deutsche Bank Spots an Odd Market Divergence (Zero Hedge)

Interesting trend. This breakdown in the equity bind correlation would explain why traditional portfolios, risk parity, or even Stashaway’s balanced portfolios are performing so poorly this year.

Equity valuations have improved dramatically (Scott Grannis)

Lots of really good charts here to illustrate how the recent market sell-off has improved equity valuations significantly. Some of these are lagging indicators though, so do be careful over relying on them.

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