Top Reads this Week (30 Sep)


1. Why you don’t know the price until you sell (Of Dollars and Data)

Interesting analogy that selling an asset in low liquidity conditions is like Schrödinger’s cat. You don’t know if you can, until you actually do it.

2. Keppel and SPH to buy the rest of M1; Keppel to privatise Keppel T&T (Business Times)

In my earlier article on M1, I wrote that a buyout was always a possibility given that it’s the smallest telco, and Keppel held a large stake. But I truly did not expect it to come so soon, when TPG telco hasn’t even entered the fray.

What do you guys think of the pricing? 24% premium to market, but shareholders who bought at 2 dollars plus will still make a loss and will never have a chance for the share price to recover.

3. Condominium units in JadeScape sees brisk sales with 330 apartments snapped-up (The Independent)

Was pleasantly surprised by the strong take up at JadeScape given the recent slew of cooling measures. $1700 is quite a steep price considering the location and 99 year lease. Are these all first time buyers? Will these buyers be enough to prop up the Singapore residential market over the next 12 months?

Shared by a reader:

4. Trump to China: “I own you.” Guess Again. (NYtimes)

Another interesting take on the Trump vs China battle, and how it will play out. Worth the read.

5. My Long View of the “Yield-Curve Inversion” (Wolf Street)

Nice take on the yield curve inversion and the end of the bond bull market.

6. Just a few ticks away from”Dotcon” stupidity (Macro Tourist)

What do you guys think? Are stocks overvalued on a Price/Revenue basis?

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