Top Reads this Week (31 March)


Rounding up the top reads from around the web, as shared by fellow investors or myself in the Financial Horse Facebook Group.

The yield curve inverted – here are 5 things investors need to know (Market Watch)

Now that the yield curve has inverted, is it time to be more cautious?

The Lesson of Hyflux: What water and diversification have in common (Endowus)

Another take on the lessons learnt from Hyflux.

Nothing is safe (Of Dollars and Data)

It can be surprisingly hard to preserve the value of money over time. No asset class is truly safe.

Wisdom from Carl the Janitor (The Macro Tourist)

A contrarian take on the yield curve inversion

Shared by a reader:

Greater Bay Area can boost HK REIT market (Straits Times)

Shared by a reader:

URA Draft Master Plan 2019: Higher plot ratios in CBD for converting offices to hotels, residences (Business Times)

Shared by a reader:

Ascott REIT awaits inclusion into much-followed index as earnings profile changes (The Edge Singapore)

Shared by a reader:

Boeing unveils 737 Max fixes, says planes are safer (CNBC)

Shared by a reader:

Essentials of making money by Walter Schloss (Investing Nook)

Till next time, Financial Horse, signing out!

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  1. Each week, I go through the “top reads” you recommend. It helps to broaden my source of financial information and I appreciate it greatly. Keep up the good work!


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