Top Reads this Week (6 Jan)


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How to choose an Investment Manager (Behavioural Value Investor)

Must read article on active management. Covers the pros and cons, and talks about how to properly evaluate a fund manager.

The Long Pause (Pension Partners)

I do agree with this. It seems like the days of aggressive rate hikes are now behind us. Is that why the REITs are performing so well recently?

The Economics of Divorce (Mr Money Moustache)

It’s written from an American perspective, but still really insightful. Who you marry and whether you stay married has huge consequences for your net worth, so make good decisions!

Shared by a reader:

Local telcos kept at ‘neutral’ by Maybank; prefers NetLink Trust (The Edge Singapore)

Shared by a reader:

Vietnam unseats Singapore as larget IPO fundraiser in Southeast Asia (CNBC)

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