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Hey everyone!

I still can’t believe that it’s come to the end of 2019. 2019 was truly an action packed year, starting with a huge meltdown in global stocks, the Feds completely reversing their interest rate direction, and ultimately ending with the recently announced Phase 1 trade deal. It was an absolute roller coaster, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will hold in store for us.

I know I don’t say this enough, but I really appreciate all of you readers for your constant support for Financial Horse. I started Financial Horse to catalogue my thoughts on investing (writing helps me clear my mind), and the community that formed, the constant support and feedback from each one of you guys, just blew me away. Thank you everyone, I appreciate it so much, and it truly means the world to me. 

Anyway, it’s December now, and as a way of giving back to the community, I am doing a Christmas Promotion for the Financial Horse course. For the rest of December (up till 31 December 2019), the Financial Horse Course will be available for $249. On 1 January 2020, the price will go back up to $349, so if you ever considered getting your hands on this course, now’s the best time.

The Financial Horse Complete Guide to Investing for Singaporeans launched in August this year, and the feedback I’ve received from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s about as complete a guide for Singaporean investors as I can imagine (covers everything from asset allocation, stocks, REITs, CPF, even tax optimisation), and whether you’re a beginner or advanced investor, I think there’s something to be learnt from this course.

I’ve also beefed it up quite significantly with new material since it’s launch following some great feedback and comments from readers, and it will continually be updated to keep in line with market conditions and information. Buying the course gets you lifetime access, so you’ll be able to keep up with all future updates.

Read on for a description of what the FH Course is intended to achieve! I genuinely poured everything I know about investing into this course, and I think it’s the best investing course out there today! Sign up link here!


The most common question I get on this site is: “I am x years old. I have y dollars in the bank. How do I invest my money?”

After answering countless reader questions and Ask FH questions, it started becoming obvious to me that the response to all these questions were all broadly similar. There was an underlying set of considerations and framework that applied to investing for Singaporeans, that could be used to address all these queries. And I knew that I had to share this framework with readers in a way that was more efficient than replying to them individually.

But this framework was more than could be imparted in a simple paragraph, or even a 2000 word article.

I’ve spent the last 9 months of my life compiling everything I know about investing into a set of videos, articles, exercises, and materials. It is the Complete Guide to Investing for Singapore Investors. And it’s all available to you today.

What is the Complete Guide to Investing for Singapore Investors – I’ve spent the last 9 months of my life compiling everything I know about investing into a set of videos, articles, exercises, and materials.

Unlike other courses which only touch on REITs/Dividend stocks, the FH Course gives you everything you need to know as an Investor in Singapore – from asset allocation, understanding the market cycle, Stocks, REITs, bonds, ETFs, Property, CPF, tax planning to building a complete portfolio as a Singaporean investor.

Asset allocation will make or break your returns – I’m a huge believer in asset allocation. To build this course, I re-thought my entire approach towards asset allocation for Singaporean investors. I built a complete framework from the ground up to think about your net worth as a Singaporean, inclusive of CPF, property (residential + investment), bonds, stocks, REITs. This is the same approach I adopt towards conceptualising my own net worth. In fact, I would even go so far to say that the Asset Allocation module itself is probably worth the entire course fee.

What is the course structure? The course consists of 10 modules as follows:

Module 1: Objectives and Goal Setting

Module 2: The Importance of Asset Allocation 

Module 3: Understanding the Market Cycle

Module 4: REITs

Module 5: Property Investing for Individuals

Module 6: Shares

Module 7: ETFs

Module 8: Bonds & Fixed Income

Module 9: CPF & Tax Planning

Module 10: Putting it all together: Sample Portfolios

Do check out the course page for more information. There is a detailed table of contents that is expandable for you to check out all the sub-topics for each module. 

Think of this as a shortcut, to jumpstart your learning and start from a much higher base than your peers – Can you learn everything in this course by yourself? Absolutely, most of this can be learned through books, classes, and painful trial and error. But ask yourself, how long would it take for you to build up such a knowledge?

In this course, I’ve taken everything I know about investing, what I learnt from books, courses, academic journals, interviews, speaking to people, and all my experience in the financial markets over the past 10 years, and condensed it into this course. Think of this as a way to shortcut years of your learning, and immediately start on a much higher base than your peers.

It took me 10 years to build up the knowledge I have today. Even if you can do it in a quarter of the time I took, that’s still 2.5 years. And in investing, 2.5 years can translate into a lot of money lost, and lost opportunities.

If I had been offered such a course 10 years ago when I began my investing journey, I absolutely would have jumped at the chance.

Who should take the course?

(1) New to investing: Whether you are in NS, university or just started work, the course will help you start your investment journey the right way. 

(2) Established Investors: For investors who have dabbled in investing and want to maximize their portfolio, the course will reframe your asset allocation to maximize returns, with tips and insights from my own investing strategies. 

(3) Investors thinking of retirement: Protect your nest egg and make it grow for you, safely and confidently through retirement.

349USD (Special Promo now to 249USD) is nothing compared to the amounts you’re investing over a lifetime – Think about it this way – the first stock I bought I invested 2000 USD, and I lost 80% of that money. That’s 1600 USD.

As a beginner investor, you’re bound to make mistakes. If this 349 USD can help you avoid a 50% loss on a 2000 USD investment, it’s paid for itself more than 3 times over. Think about how much you’re investing in the markets over a lifetime, and how much you can improve with a strong foundation.

If you invest S$20,000 a year from 25 to 65, The difference between 5% a year and 7% a year over a 40 year investing period (25 to 65) is $2.5 million vs $4.2 million. That’s a whopping 68% difference, or S$1.7 million.

The course fee is not intended to paywall information. All proceeds go into the running of this site, and allows me to create more amazing, free content for readers in the form of my weekly articles. If you can’t afford the course fee but genuinely want to learn, drop me a note and I will see what I can do help you.

It’s everything I know about investing – It’s as complete a guide to investing as I can think off, and I’ve undergone immense effort to summarize everything that I think is useful and necessary about investing into an effective structure for investors. This course is for investors who want to step up their game and maximize their investment portfolios in order to build long-term wealth and attain financial security. 

Christmas Promo – There is now a special, Xmas promo for all readers of Financial Horse. From now until 31 December 2019, the course price will be reduced from 349 USD to 249 USD. Signing up to the course gets you a lifetime membership, and the course will be continually updated, so this is a great time to take advantage of the Xmas offer! 

Sign up via the link here!

If you have any queries on the course at all, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Cheers! Merry Christmas to all! 🙂


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