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Members of the Financial Horse Facebook Group will know that earlier this week, a fellow reader by the name of “Terry Ng” shared a photo of an absolutely amazing REIT Screener that he came up with to keep track of blue chip REITs. I was so impressed with the table that I reached out to him to ask if he would be keen to share it with other readers of Financial Horse. I knew it took a massive amount of effort on his part to compile this table, so the fact that he said yes without hesitation, just goes to show how selfless he is in sharing this work with all investors out there.

So let’s not take anything from him. Everything else in this post is pure Terry. Way to go sir! The Singapore investing community needs more men like you.

Downloadable link to the Excel spreadsheet: REITS Screener Spreadsheet 

Please also note the important disclaimers at the bottom of the table.

REIT/Trust NameWALEOccupancy RateProperty YieldGearing RatioCost of DebtInterest Coverage RatioDebt to MaturityP/BDiv YieldNAVIndustryMarket Cap(Mil)
CapitaLand Mall Trust1.999%5.4%34%3.2%$1.95Retail7380
Frasers CentrePoint Trust1.892%4.9%29%2.3%$2.02Retail2027
SPH REIT2.4100%5.1%25%2.8%$0.95Retail2554
Mapletree Commercial Trust2.798%4.6%36%2.7%$1.38Retail/Office4521
Suntec REIT3.199%3.5%35%2.7%$2.11Retail/Office5029
Starhill Global REIT3.296%5.3%35%3.2%$0.92Retail/Office1592
CapitaLand Commercial Trust5.997%3.60%37%2.6%$1.74Office6362
Frasers Commercial Trust2.689%5.50%35%3.0%$1.58Office1217
Keppel REIT5.599.7%3.48%38%2.62%$1.41Office4101
Mapletree Industrial Trust3.889.6%7.20%33.7%2.90%$1.47Industrial3827
Mapletree Logistics Trust3.596.6%5.12%37.6%2.30%$1.10Industrial3761
AIMS AMP REIT2.391%6.31%33%3.60%$1.37Industrial946
Ascendas REIT4.292%6.22%34%2.90%$2.12Industrial8000
Fraser L & I Trust6.7599%8.80%29%2.80%$0.94Industrial2500
Ascott REIT4.60%36%2.40%$1.25Hospitality2313
Ascendas Hospitality Trust5.76%31%2.60%$0.92Hospitality906
Frasers Hospitality Trust5.53%32%2.65%5.12.740.847.37%$0.82Hospitality1317
Far East Hospitality Trust3.91%34%2.50%$0.87Hospitality1290
CDL Hospitality Trust6.51%33%2.10%$1.53Hospitality2027
First REIT9.5100%8.11%33%3.38%$1.01Medical976
Parkway Life REIT7.998%5.93%36%1.00%$1.76Medical1657
Keppel DC REIT9.193%7.97%33%2.20%$0.97Data Center1623
Trust NameP/EP/BEV/EBITDANet Debt AssetNet Debt EquityDebt Servicing RatioInterest Coverage RatioCost of DebtDiv YieldNAVIndustryMarket Cap(Mil)
Netlink Trust450.961510%13.3%15.75%6.43.47%4.13%$0.82Telecommunications3020
Keppel Infrastructure Trust701.691749%83.0%54.00%1.85.14%7.37%$0.30Utilities1948
Credits: Terry Ng



  1. The REITs shortlisted in the screener are based on criteria such as (1) strong sponsor, (2) market cap of at least S$1b and no China REITS. As for Business Trust, only businesses that are defensive in nature such as utilties/Telecoms are shortlisted.
  2. The screener is updated when the respective REIT’s annual report are published.
  3. The Dividend Yield and PB Ratio are based on historical NAV and DPU based on their latest annual report (FY2017). It is not based on Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) yield. The PB and Dividend Yield is updated based on repsective REITS stock price as of 17 Sep 2018.
  4. Hospitality REITS’s WALE and Occupancy rate:
    1. WALE for hospitality REITs are only applicable for retail and office component of the hospitality REIT. The retail and office component is only a small component of the respective hospitality REIT. So I don’t feel a need to include such numbers. Anyway most of the hospitality REIT have long management contract or Master Lease of at least 5 years to 20 years.
    2. Most hospitality REITs listed in SGX have overseas properties except Far East Trust which is a pure Singapore Play. It is also difficult to compare the REITS in terms of RevPAR / ADR / Occupancy Rate as the hotels are operating in different countries with different economic conditions. As for Ascott REIT, it is a pure REIT with serviced residence and no hotels in their portfolio. Those who want to invest in hospitality REITS must be aware that this sector is very cyclical and should only form a small percentage of your REIT portfolio.
  5. The screener is good for level 1 analysis. But in order to understand the REIT and convince yourself to press the buy button, individuals need to apply qualitative analysis for level 2 and foresight for level 3. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Level 1- Quantitative Analysis

Level 2 – Qualitative Analysis

Level 3 – Foresight

Disclaimer: Please do not buy REITS purely based on financial data and ratios. It’s the underlying fundamentals that will affect the stock price of the REITS.

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