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What is the REITs MasterClass?

The REITs Masterclass is for investors who want to take their REIT and real estate investing to the next level.

The REITs Masterclass is laser focused on REITs and real estate investing.

The Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about real estate as an asset class.

Testimonials from Course Members

Would you recommend the REITs Masterclass to others?

“Yes I would recommend! The course was very detailed. Definitely for those investors like me who prefer to build their own portfolio vs paying fees to agents, banks and intermediaries. And I like macro so I can recognize many traits” – Lawrence L.

“Yes would recommend to people who are interested in investing. FH has put a lot of effort to explain technical concepts in an easy to understand way especially for newer investors. Compared to other investing teaching platforms, the REITs Masterclass is very informative (charts, tables, updates on current news impacting financial markets etc.) and at the same time easier to understand” – Kenneth K.

“Yes. Love the course for its holistic view on buying REITs and also having a balanced view on how we should base our decision making based on individual situations” – J. Ang

“Yes, especially useful for those who wants to know beyond numbers. It covers macroeconomics” – B. Chua

“I am happy to recommend this course. Obviously this course is presented by someone who puts his money where his mouth is. It is practical and real world by someone who has paid his dues to learn” J. Ng

“Yes, the course material is well prepared. The trainer knows his stuff, terms, and strategy, and this was accompanied by case studies for better understanding” – Francis L.

What else do I get if I sign up now?

Signing up now also gets you 3 months subscription to the highest tier of Patron.

This gives you access to the following:

All of these bonus materials can be accessed within Appendix B of the course after you sign up.

Is the amount worth it?

Think about it this way – the first stock I bought I invested S$3,000, and I lost 80% of that money. That’s S$2,400.

As a beginner investor, you’re bound to make mistakes. If this course can help you avoid a 80% loss on a S$3,000 investment, it’s paid for itself many times over.

Over the course of a lifetime, we’re going to invest hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. That’s real, big money, on the line right there.

Don’t forget about opportunity cost…

If you invest S$20,000 a year from 25 to 65…

The difference between 5% a year and 7% a year is $2.5 million vs $4.2 million. That’s a whopping 68% difference, or S$1.7 million.

So don’t be penny wise pound foolish here.

COVID-19 has taught us the value of not having all our eggs in one basket.

Getting your investing right early – to build a reliable dividend portfolio, will help you to achieve financial freedom in the long term.

Take the opportunity to improve yourself and learn about investing the right way.

Take full control of your finances, and your net worth, so that you’re not beholden to anyone.

How is the course taught?

The course is taught via a series of online video lectures, exercises and reading materials.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And LIFETIME ACCESS means you can watch and rewatch the materials at your own pace, for as long as you need.

Lifetime Membership

Signing up to the course gets you lifetime membership. The course will be continually updated with new content to keep up with market conditions.

You can review the course any time to refresh your fundamentals as well as keep up with the latest developments.

Buying now also locks in the current price, as the course fee will only go up over time!

Don’t wait, take action to jumpstart your investment journey today!

What is the REITs Investing Masterclass?

The REITs Investing Masterclass is laser focused on REITs.

The Masterclass teaches you everthing you need to know about REITs investing at the highest and most advanced level.

Who is the REITs Investing Masterclass for?

Serious Investors who want to build a long-term REIT income portfolio – This Masterclass imparts a framework for you to understand REITs, the macro environment in which they operate in, in order to build a long-term REIT income portfolio. 

Investors who are not satisfied with average returns– If you’re not satisfied with just buying a REIT ETF or a robo portfolio and getting average returns. If you want to take control over your investing journey, and you want to achieve above average returns, then this Masterclass is right for you. 

Investors who plan to deploy your warchest into markets over the next 12 months – If this is you, then you’ve come to the perfect place. I myself plan to deploy big sums into REITs in the next 12 to 24 months. And the framework that I use to pick REITs, and analyse global macro conditions? It’s all in this Masterclass, and more. 

What is covered in the REITs Investing Masterclass?

The full course outline is set out below. But very simply, what you will learn is:

  • When is the best time to invest in REITs? And when is the time you should be selling REITs?
  • ​How to make money from real estate? How to identify the best properties to own for a lifetime?
  • How does real estate and REIT fit into your portfolio? What is the best percentage of REITs to have in your asset allocation?
  • What can we learn from REITs from the US? What does this mean for S-REITs in the next 5 years?
  • Unique risks ​you must look out for before buying REITs
  • ​Growth drivers a REIT must have so you can earn increasing distribution and capital gains every year
  • ​The best type of sponsors and managers a REIT must have to protect your capital and make you money
  • The financial and operational metrics a REIT must pass
  • ​How to value a REIT accurately using practitioner level valuation techniques


  • Exclusive access to my thinking on how the coming crisis will play out

And more…

Full Course Outline:

Part 0: Start with WHY

  1. Ask yourself WHY

Part I: REITs

  1. How to Evaluate and Pick REITs
  2. REITs Scorecard
  3. Understanding the Property Cycle
  4. Understanding S-REITs

Part II: Dividend Stocks vs Growth Stocks

  1. Investing in Dividend Stocks vs. Growth Stocks
  2. Shares Scorecard
  3. Constructing a diversified portfolio

Part III: Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness – Giving you an Edge in Financial Markets

  1. Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness – Giving you an Edge in Financial Markets
  2. Learn what fools the human mind – and override it

Part IV: How to make money from Real Estate

  1. Understanding how the Real Estate market really works
  2. How to identify good real estate? What to look out for?
  3. How to Value Real Estate?
  4. How does Real Estate fit in your portfolio – A course in Modern Portfolio Theory
  5. Choosing between Public and Private Real Estate
  6. Why invest in Foreign Real Estate?

Part V: Macro View – When is a good time to buy REITs? Or to sell?

  1. Studying the evolution of the Global REIT Industry – Where will S-REITs be in 10 years?
  2. Macro Factors and their impact on REITs as an asset class – What macro factors are good for REITs? (Part I and II)
  3. Reading the economic cycle – how to get ahead of the curve
  4. Reading the real estate cycle – how to get ahead of the curve

Part VI: Micro View – How to Pick Good REITs? Which REITs to avoid?

  1. How to screen/identify S-REITs
  2. Why is NPI the most important metric to look at?
  3. Sponsor – What is the best kind of sponsor? What is the worst kind to absolutely avoid?
  4. Risks that can tank a REIT’s price/distribution
  5. Growth drivers a REIT must have for you to make money
  6. Operational and Financial Metrics a REIT should pass
  7. Valuations – How to Value a REIT

Part VII: Building a REIT portfolio

  1. Portfolio construction – Advanced Guide
  2. Using leverage for REITs

Part VIII: Deciding the right price to buy or sell REITs

  1. What is a good price to buy REITs?
  2. When to sell a REIT?
  3. Normal market conditions vs Market Crash conditions

Part IX: Case Study

  1. Mapletree Commercial Trust – Case Study
  2. and more!

Part X: Putting it all together

  1. Common mistakes and Pro Tips
  2. FAQs
  3. Advanced reading

Check out the full course content here.

Volatile Markets ahead!

I believe the coming months will see a fantastic opportunity to accumulate commercial real estate (via REITs) on the cheap.

BUT – you will need to be careful to pick the good ones, at the right prices, and at the right times.

Miss this chance, and you may need to wait a decade for the next.

Focus on the bigger picture!

In investing, as in life, it’s important not to be penny wise, pound foolish.

Don’t lose sight of the forest, for the trees.

The REITs Investing Masterclass is designed for investors looking to invest seriously into REITs.

If you belong to this group of serious investors, this course will speak for itself.

If you are such an investor, you already know from your own experience how big the losses can get if you’re unprepared, or if you make a single mistake with one REIT.

You don’t want to be scrambling to figure out which operational metric to look at, which Sponsor to focus on, when REITs are at fire sale prices.

Get this right, and you’re setting up your finances for the rest of your life.

Invest in yourself. Don’t rely on others. It could just be the best decision you ever made.




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