10 Best Christmas Gifts on a Budget


Tis’ the season to be jolly.

Here are 10 best christmas gifts (that people actually want) … on a budget!

This article was written by a Financial Horse Contributor.

1. Books 

A gift of knowledge is simply priceless.

The Intelligent Investor is a great book that every investor should have in hard copy.

Check out FH’s recommended investing books!

2. Personalized calendar

A calendar is an incredible gift as it’s very practical. 

Get a calming calendar or calendar of well wishes as a thoughtful gift.

Alternatively, consider a magnetic calendar for your fridge.

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3. Body scrub 

Gift the gift of indulgence.

Bath bombs are fun, and can be a great treat but not everyone has access to a bath tub.

Consider instead body scrubs!

Getting a fancy one will also be a great treat to any receiver, and it’s suitable for all genders and ages.

4. Tea

Coffee lovers can be very particular and they already have their favourites.

Tea can be fun, and widely suitable for all.

A beautiful tea set with assorted options is a crowd pleaser favourite.

Try caffeine-free or detox teas as a fun twist for a gift.

5. Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame is an amazing gift for loved ones.

Preload photos and the receiver will get a wonderful gift that keeps giving. 

6. Travel neck pillow 

With travel back in full swing, a travel neck pillow is always a useful item to have.

A practical gift that is often overlooked, so it’s great to get one as a gift. 

There are also neck pillows for kids, super helpful to tame unruly kids on planes. 

7. Phone charger

A phone charger is a great gift for anyone.

Extremely useful gift for colleagues or your boss.

Upgrade the gift with stylish options.

8. Silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are simply life changing.

They are amazing for your skin and hair. Once you’ve tried them, you can’t go back. 

Especially with Singapore’s humid weather, having a cooling and super soft pillowcase is just heavenly.

9. Water bottle 

Water bottles are high tech and fancy these days.

Keeping beverages hot and cold for hours is just a basic function these days. 

Check out this motivational sports water bottle that gets you to drink more water!

Get an incredible water bottle as a great gift. 

10. Computer wrist pad 

If you want to be a thoughtful gift-giver, how about an ergonomic wrist rest pad and mouse pad?

Support your wrist and this will change your work and gaming life.

*Bonus* Gift – Treat Yourself!

Gift yourself financial knowledge.

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Any other budget-friendly gift giving ideas to share? Comment below!

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