Holiday Mega Sale! FH Stocks Masterclass, REITs Masterclass & more!


To round up the year, we’re offering a holiday mega sale on ALL of the FH courses. 

This is the first time we’ve ever done this!

If you want to get a great deal on the FH courses, and gear up for optimized investing in 2024, now is the chance!

Holiday Mega Sale

For the holiday season, we’re launching a mega sale on ALL courses!

For this very special season, enjoy:

  • 40% off all courses

Even better, enjoy a bundle deal if you get:

  • 2 courses: $188 rebate
  • 3 courses: $288 rebate 

Stocks Masterclass

The Stocks MasterClass will teach you everything you need to know about investing in stocks, from:

• How to value a stock?
• How to pick and analyse growth stocks?
• How to pick and analyse dividend stocks?
• When should you sell a stock immediately?
• What macro conditions should you buy / sell growth stocks?
• How to use ESG to your advantage?
• How to use leverage safely?
• How to use options to supercharge your returns?
• How to use technical analysis to know when to buy stocks?

And much more.

It’s a lifetime worth of investing experience and knowledge (and more), distilled into a Stocks MasterClass.

Check out the full course content here.

Holiday mega sale price:

  • 40% off!

REITs Masterclass

The REITs Masterclass breaks down REITs to its core.

This Masterclass provides serious investors with a framework to invest in REITs, and the skills and knowledge necessary to understand REITs and the macro environment in which they operate.

Who is the masterclass for?

Serious investors who want an investing framework for life.

This Masterclass provides a framework to help investors build a long-term REIT income portfolio.

This Masterclass offers investors a framework to differentiate good from bad REITs, when to buy and when to sell, including real-life case studies to help investors apply the framework in practice.

This REITs Investing Masterclass provides serious investors the skills and knowledge necessary to understand REITs and the macro environment in which they operate.

Check out the full course content here.

Holiday mega sale price:

  • 40% off

Complete Guide to Investing 

Unlike other courses which only touch on 1-2 topics, the Complete Guide to Investing for Singaporeans gives you everything you need to know as an investor in Singapore.

From asset allocation, understanding the market cycle, Stocks, REITs, bonds, ETFs, Property, and CPF to build a high-performing portfolio.

I’m a huge believer in asset allocation.

The course provides a complete framework to think about your net worth as a Singaporean, inclusive of CPF, property, bonds, stocks, REITs. This is the same approach I adopt towards conceptualising my own net worth.

Who is the course for?

(1) New to investing: The course will help you start your investment journey the right way with a solid foundation.

(2) Established Investors: For investors who want to finetune their portfolio, the course will reframe your asset allocation to maximize returns.

Check out the full course content here.

Holiday megal sale price:

  • 40% off!

Bundle Deal

If you’re considering getting a full foundation on investing, do take advantage of our bundle deal promo!

  • 2 courses: $188 rebate
  • 3 courses: $288 rebate

Simply email us at [email protected] to claim your rebate after purchasing the courses. 

Lifetime access

All of the courses give you lifetime access. 

This means you’re just paying just one price for lifetime access. 

You don’t need to feel rushed to complete the courses.

Access the online courses anywhere, anytime.

Get a full foundation on investing at your own time & convenience. 

Take action towards financial freedom today! 

Check out the courses here!

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