1. Two questions.
    Q1: “Cannot trade foreign ETFs”. Confirm that this means cannot use the account for popular ETFs like VWRA and IWDA?
    Q2: What is their typical USDSGD spread (offer divided by bid, i.e. two-ways)? Often the FX spread is larger than the brokerage commission!

    • My replies below, hopefully this helps:

      1. Specified Investment Products (SIPs) such as foreign ETFs, structured warrants and Daily Leveraged Certificates (DLCs) cannot be traded.

      2. It’s the same spread you get if you change USD-SGD via OCBC ibanking. It’s not as cheap as IBKR which is basically interbank rate + commission, but I think it’s acceptable.

      In any case this can be particularly helpful if you already have USD in the OCBC bank account (use it to buy stocks instead of changing back to SGD or wire out).

    • Yes, you just need to have at least one OCBC current or savings account with digital banking access, and above 21. Note: Existing OCBC Securities customers who already have trading accounts are not eligible.


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