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Good things come in threes!

For 3 days only, the FH Stocks Masterclass will be offering you an exclusive promo!

If you want to maximize your stocks portfolio for 2023, keep reading on!

2023 is the time to take control of your financial future. 

Feel confident about investing in 2023, and set up your stocks portfolio for long-term success.  

Want to take advantage of any market downturns, and fast-track your way to financial freedom?

No time to read lengthy reports and complex books?

Want practical advice on how to structure your stocks portfolio?

The Financial Horse Stocks Masterclass will provide you with the tools to invest accurately & effectively in this volatile market.

What do you get from this limited time offer?

Stocks Masterclass will be having a limited time price reduction.

On top of that, you get:

  • 6 months access to premium content updated weekly

This includes stock market updates and stock watch across US, China and Singapore markets.

With this bonus factored in, this means you’re effectively getting the entire Masterclass for a steal!

This exclusive promo will be available for 3 days only! So don’t miss out!

Is the Stocks MasterClass for me?

The Stocks MasterClass is an in-depth stocks class for every level of investor.

The Stocks Masterclass will guide you to assemble a stock portfolio, for long-term capital gains + dividend income!

The Stocks Masterclass will teach you:

  1. How to value and analyse Growth + Dividend stocks
  2. What is the correct size for a stock position?
  3. When to Sell a stock immediately?
  4. How to use Options to supercharge returns?
  5. How to use technical analysis to know when to buy / sell?
  6. and much more!

Sounds good, tell me more!

What will I gain from the Stocks MasterClass?

The Stocks MasterClass will teach you everything you need to know about investing in stocks.

Regardless of whether you just started investing, or whether you’re a 15-year stock veteran, this masterclass will benefit you!

I’ve deliberately designed the Stocks MasterClass to:

  1. Give you a full foundation in Stocks Investing; and provide
  2. Advanced content for seasoned investors

Give you a Full Foundation in Stocks Investing

The full outline for the course is set out below:

  1. Why do you want to Invest?
  2. Timeless lessons from Investing
  3. Differentiating Dividend Stocks vs Growth Stocks
  4. Understanding the Macro Climate and making it work for you
  5. How to fit Growth / Dividend Stocks in your portfolio?
  6. Valuations: How to Value a Stock?
  7. Short Term Indicators (Technical Analysis, Stock Flows, Microstructure and Narrative)
  8. How to Analyse and Pick Growth Stocks
  9. Case Studies (Growth Stocks)
  10. Analysing Dividend Stocks
  11. Case Studies (Dividend Stocks)
  12. How to invest in US, Singapore, China
  13. ESG Investing
  14. How to approach Crypto as an asset class?
  15. How to use Options / Leverage in your portfolio?
  16. How to use ETFs?
  17. How to hedge a portfolio?
  18. Portfolio construction

The amount of content is extremely comprehensive.

The Stocks Masterclass will help you build a foundation in stocks investing that will last you a lifetime.

You’ll learn the following key concepts from this MasterClass:

  • Macro Investing
  • How to value a stock
  • How to use Technical Analysis
  • How to pick Growth Stocks
  • How to pick Dividend Stocks
  • How to invest in US v China v Singapore
  • ETF
  • ESG
  • Options / Leverage
  • How to hedge a portfolio
  • How to build a portfolio

I’ve also layered on additional, advanced level content for seasoned investors:

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognise the psychological biases we make as investors – and deliberately override them
  • How to scale in and out of your tactical asset allocation based on fluctuating macro conditions
  • How to split between growth/dividend, US/China/Singapore, large/mid/small cap stocks to achieve your desired risk profile
  • Advanced valuation techniques including DCF modelling
  • How to understand market microstructure and market narrative to give you an edge in your technical analysis
  • How to deep dive into Growth / Dividend stocks and instantly identify the heart of what is important
  • Industry level deep dive into the competitive advantage and nuances of each industry
  • How to use options / leverage to supercharge your investing positions
  • How to effectively hedge a portfolio in today’s chronic low interest rate environment

No matter what kind of investor you are, you’ll be able to benefit & round-out blind spots in your own investing.

Check out the full course content here.

2023 will be a bumpy road for markets… and full of opportunities!

If you’re tired of:

  • Stocks that go down the moment you buy them
  • A dividend portfolio that doesn’t deliver consistent returns
  • Being sold financial products that don’t make you money
  • Paying expensive management fees for subpar results

The FH Stocks Masterclass can help you achieve financial mastery.

Build a stocks portfolio that achieves your financial goals!

Take charge of your own financial security.

Once you understand the freedom that comes with managing your own money, you’ll never be able to go back.

Testimonials from Masterclass members

This masterclass is for people who are serious about taking charge of their own investments. The best part of the masterclass was learning how to evaluate stocks, reinforced with examples. I am able to apply the framework and questions to my own stock evaluations. You will be able to make good use of the knowledge learnt for your own investing purposes. – H. Tong

Yes I would recommend this masterclass to other investors. It is not easy to have a diversified portfolio, it takes a lot of discipline, but it is worth it. – B. Yong

The masterclass was very useful. I now know how to differentiate between growth and dividend stocks and what are the indicators to look for in each of the category. I would definitely recommend this masterclass to others, especially to some of my friends who typically buy stocks based on hearsay i.e. on what other people tell them to buy or what stocks are currently “hot” in the market.  – J. Chok

Highly recommend this masterclass! Particularly for guidance as asset allocation, ideal allocation for each asset class based on your age group and risk appetite.  – R. Tan

This masterclass is value for money for its comprehensive content. Excellent overview of everything you need to know about stocks investing. – P. Choo

Don’t take chances in a volatile market

I’ve seen many investors get blown up in the market because they didn’t have the knowledge or skills to understand what was going on.

If you’ve been investing for a while – you’ll know what I mean.

It’s very easy to outperform in a bull market when everything is going up.

But at some point in time, that will start to shift.

Suddenly, the market is in a downward free fall – and what you do next will determine everything.

To make money consistently in the longer term, you really need to know what you’re doing.

Otherwise, it’s very easy to lose it all.

The Stocks Masterclass will equip you with the right skills & knowledge to invest properly in volatile markets, for the long term.

Lifetime Access + Value for Money

The FH Stocks Masterclass is taught via video lessons online.

Once you purchase, you get Lifetime Access.

This means that you can watch or rewatch the content any time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

The delivery style is the same that you’ve come to know and love on Financial Horse.

Simple, to the point, and easy to understand.

There’s also a ton of additional bonus content, including high-level discussions & advanced reading if you want to go even further into any topic.

Equip yourself with investing skills for a lifetime

Don’t be Penny wise, Pound foolish!

If you invest $5,000 into 1 Growth Stock, and you lose just 20% of that, that’s $1,000.

More than the price of this course.

With the current maket correction, we’ve all seen how easy it is to lose way more than 20% on a stock when the markets move against you.

If you’re investing $100,000, 20% of that is $20,000.

Don’t be penny wise pound foolish.

Investing is not a matter of 1-2 decisions…

Investing is a lifetime journey of opportunity, across market cycles that span decades.

How much time would it take to learn this by yourself?

Don’t forget – How much time would it take to learn all the information by yourself?

You’ll need a book on valuations, technical analysis, stock picking, macro investing, portfolio building, options, ESG, hedging etc.

Not only do you need to buy the book, you’ll also need to struggle through complicated writing, and figure out how to apply them to your investment portfolio – as a Singapore investor.

With the FH Stocks Masterclass, all this is already done for you.

Distilled into a series of videos you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Easy to understand, with everything you need to know to succeed in investing.

No time to read complicated books and reports?

With the FH Stocks Masterclass, everything is already done for you.

Equip yourself with investing skills that you can use for a lifetime.

Be confident about investing in your future.

Everything you need to know about stocks investing, tailored for a Singaporean investor!

Sign up here!

Any other questions?

Drop me an email at [email protected] with your queries, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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