The No.1 Way to Deal with Envy


Notice a green-eyed monster in the room?

In the age of social media, with everyone seemingly living their best lives without financial constraints, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling jealous or envious of others.

How to deal with feeling envious? 

Not to worry, did you know that you can use envy to your advantage?

Here’s how. 

This article was written by a Financial Horse Contributor. 

1. Acknowledge envy

The first step is to acknowledge your feelings, and sit with them.

Think about how you’re feeling.

Why are you feeling this way?

Is this something you’re lacking right now?

What exactly are you envious of? Narrow it down.

How to use envy to your advantage?

Instead of feeling envious, use envy as a guiding light. 

If you’re envious of something, this signals a potential GOAL for you.

First of all, the good news is that this is something that is possible (since you’re looking at it!). 

Whatever it is, this is something you too can work towards. 

Use envy as healthy motivation to get what you want in life.

Get closer to knowing yourself and and your desires, and be motivated to work hard to get there! 

2. Comparison is the thief of joy

While envy can be used as healthy goal-signaling, it can also be toxic if left unchecked.

When you feel yourself falling down the rabbit hole, remind yourself of what you already have.

Know that, where you are envious of others, others are also envious of you. 

Count your blessings, and be grateful. 

3. Comparisons are meaningless

In many instances, what you see on social media is completely fake.

Everyone is curating the best images of themselves, the best parts of themselves to put online.

You don’t know their back story, or their bank account.

So ultimately, comparisons is meaningless. 

It is like comparing apples to oranges.

Go one step further, and be happy for others’ success.

There is more than enough to go around for everyone. 

If you have an abundant mindset, and you will also attract wealth and abundance. 

4. Work on yourself

It is easy to be jealous of someone’s success, but behind every “overnight success” is a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Behind every success, is a long journey of hard work and effort.

Are you willing to make the same trade-offs to achieve these goals?

If you are envious of something, work towards it.

Rather than wasting time focusing on others, focus on yourself, and your own goals. 

Invest in yourself.

Build knowledge, skills and competence by reading widely and nourishing your mind. 

Invest your money to build wealth, and build a financially free future for yourself. 

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