6 Productivity Hacks that will Change your Life


Productivity is the difference between a busy person who achieves goals, and a busy person who is just busy

Be it at work or at home, being productive can help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

The end result is more time – which is the world’s most precious commodity. 

This article was written by a Guest Contributor.

1. Schedule smart

If you let time run you, you will run out of time. 

To be a productive person, you need to master schedules.

Plan ahead, so you know how to fit things in effectively, and you are on top of your deadlines. 

Use technology to your advantage.

Make use of google calendar (or any equivalent), apps and other tools.

Sync up all your work events, personal appointments, tasks, and reminders and you’ll find yourself so much more organized and productive.

2. The power of 3

Have you heard of the power of 3? 

There are 3 goals in a hat trick, 3 primary colours, Three Stooges, three pieces to a classic suit, and three choices in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

The “Rule of Three” suggests that when things come in threes, they are more effective. 

Use this in your every day to-do list to be more productive.

Choose 3 important things to focus on each day at work / life. 

Streamline your to-do list so you are mnore focused and can accomplish more!

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3. Get help 

No man is an island.

If you find yourself unable to do everything, that’s actually perfectly normal!

Get comfortable with asking for help.

Understand the value of teamwork, and know that you can be more productive if everyone chips in.

Know the value of your own time, and make good use of outsourcing. 

Is it more worth to pay someone $20/hour to x, if you can earn that money back in that hour?

Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Think about where you often struggle, and how these areas can be outsourced. 

4. Don’t rush it

Being productive does not necessarily mean accomplishing something with the fastest time possible. 

You want good results not just any result. 

“Cheap / Fast / Good” 

Have you heard of this dilemma?

Something cannot be cheap, fast and good.

It can cheap and fast (and not good); or it can be fast and good (and not cheap) etc. 

A similar logic applies to being productive in work and life.

Sometimes you need to be patient to get the best results.

Being fast is not always the end goal.

5. Focus on your health

Health is wealth.

You cannot be productive if you’re running on 4 hours of sleep.

Unless you are a young teen, pulling overnighters is usually counterproductive to accomplishing anything.

Schedule in breaks throughout your day.

Focus on fitness & wellness breaks e.g. taking a brisk walk/run, lifting weights, meditating. 

Even stretching at your desk for 5-10 minutes helps tremendously!

Taking time out of an already busy day seems impossible, but it is worth it. 

These fitness & wellness breaks can boost your mood and productivity the entire day.

6. Like attracts like

If you find yourself overwhelmed all the time, take a look at your surroundings.

Your external environment mirrors your internal.

Declutter your work space and home. 

You’ll sense the immediate shift in mental load, and the productivity boost that follows. 

Who do you hang out with? 

Find a supportive friend group who gives you energy (rather than making you feel bad about yourself or drained).

Make friends with positive people and goal-getters, as they will motivate you to do the same! 

Find role models, both offline and online, that motivate you to want to do better.

Curate your social media, so you see uplifting and useful content that helps you be more productive in life! 

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