Top Reads this Week (11 Nov)


The End of the Bull Market – Ray Dalio (Tony Robbins)

Most of you guys will have seen this before, but I’m still impressed by Ray Dalio’s all weather portfolio everytime I think about it. If you want a sleep well at night portfolio for all economic conditions, this is a great starting point.

What today’s trend following sell signal implies for the months ahead (Fat-Pitch)

It’s as simple as buying stocks when it’s above the 10 month moving average, and selling when it’s below. Yet this market timing model had outperformed a buy and hold strategy.

Mapletree Logistics Trust to acquire Vietnam warehouse for S$43m (Business Times)

Mapletree Logistics Trust to acquire Gyeonggi-do logistics property for 37.85b won (Business Times)

Looks like Mapletree Logistics Trust is really on a big acquisition spree…

Variable Withdrawal Strategies for Financial Independence (Investment Moats)

It’s a long read, but there are some really great ideas on what is an acceptable withdrawal rate for retirement. Worth a read if you’re into the FIRE movement.

Shared by a reader:

Singapore Banks’ Good Times have come and gone (Bloomberg)

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