Top Reads this Week (17 Dec)


First off, apologies for the delay in the Top Reads this Week as I was sick all weekend. As a bonus, this week’s top reads also includes a huge piece of news just out today: MAS doubling the limit on SSBs, and allowing purchases via SRS funds. This definitely opens up a lot more opportunities on using SSBs as a portfolio diversifier, and SRS as a means of tax planning. I’ll definitely be doing a fuller post on this once I wrap my head around the full implications.

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MAS to double individual limit on Singapore Savings Bonds, allow purchases via SRS funds (Straits Times)

Wow this is actually pretty big news. One can really use SSBs to form the SGD bond component of a balanced portfolio now. But more than that, it also seems that the Singapore government is serious about opening up the local bond market as an alternative investment for retirement, beyond the usual real estate.

Would be curious to see how this affects the takeup rates for fixed deposits though. As it stands, SSBs are already far more attractive than FD.

The Hardest Problem in Finance (The Irrelevant Investor)

Why it’s so hard to predict how much money you need to invest for retirement. There are just so many variables to take into account.

SGX New Securities Settlement Framework (Dollars and Sense)

Quite a helpful article about the new T plus 2 SGX settlement framework. Really only impacts you if you’re doing contra trading.

A Mostly Random Walk Down Wall Street (The Irrelevant Investor)

Enjoyed this article on the difficulty in trying to predict day to day movements in the markets. I never understood how day traders do it. Any day traders here able to share some thoughts?

Move over FIRE, Welcome DIRE: Delay, Inherit, Retire, Expire (Financial Samurai)

Is FIRE as a concept getting old? What do you guys think?

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