Top Reads this Week (24 March)


Rounding up the top reads from around the web, as shared by fellow investors or myself in the Financial Horse Facebook Group.

Investment Conference (Saxo)

So Saxo reached out to me regarding a new investment conference they’re having. It’s free, talks about finance, and is in a nice fancy hotel. You even get free snacks and coffee thrown in. What’s there not to like? Signup link here!

PUB to Salim-Medco: Don’t use us as excuse to pull out of Hyflux deal (Business Times)

So many twists in this Hyflux tale!

Powell signals prolonged Fed pause as inflation lags, risks loom (Bloomberg)

Well… it’s official. No more rate hikes this year!

Will the US continue to dominate? (A Wealth of Common Sense)

US stocks have had a great 30 year run. Will the next 30 be as great?

We all make mistakes (Of Dollars and Data)

Great investors are human after all. They all make mistakes eventually.

Ray Dalio slashes recession forecast (Institutional Investor)

It’s slightly out of date, but I still really like this as it illustrates what a massive impact the U-turn in Fed policies has created for the markets. Are we going to see a few years of slow growth coming up?

Why I am going to avoid the upcoming SIA 5 year 3.03% Retail Bond (The Asia Report)

Great contrarian take on the SIA bonds. I’ll share some of my thoughts this Sat too.

Shared by a reader:

CapitaLand Commercial Trust pursues S$1.5b Duo office tower (Business Times)

Shared by a reader:

China banks raise record US$48b in Q1 (Business Times)

Shared by a reader:

10 Reasons to consider First REIT (The Ancient Babylonians)

Shared by a reader:

Total compliance in financial reporting, but was it misleading? (The Edge Singapore)

Till next time, Financial Horse, signing out!

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