Top Reads this Week (6 Oct)


I’m on the road this week, so it’s a quick weekly round up from me today. Ray Dalio’s book (link 1) is absolutely the best read this week. So if you’ve got some down time this weekend, do check it out.

1. A Template for Understanding Big Debt Crises (Ray Dalio)

Ray Dalio has written an amazing book that describes every single debt cycle known to man. It’s a fantastic template for understanding how credit cycles work, and how this impacts the equity markets.

You can download it for free off his website, but I’ve uploaded a copy on the Facebook Group for those who are unable to sign up. If you have the time, this is well worth your time.

2. The Most Important Question of your Life (Mark Manson)

This isn’t strictly an investing article, but still a really good read. A lot of people want the CEO job, but aren’t prepared to work the long hours and do the schmoozing. Or the hot bod but not the gym time. So ask yourself, how much are you prepared to suffer, to achieve your dreams?

3. Life-Changing Advice from Top CEOs in Singapore (SuccessGoGo)

Nice read on the advice from top CEOs in Singapore. I really like the one from the courts guy. 😉

4. An emerging and important secular trend (Calafia Beach Pundit)

It’s quite a technical piece, but it offers a fantastic explanation of why the feds had to resort to QE, and why taking it away may not necessarily crash the market. If you’ve read Ray Dalio’s book that I shared previously, you’ll find that this explanation ties in with the framework set out by Dalio on credit cycles.

5. Bernstein, Swensen, Browne or Swedroe (Wealth Management)

Taking a look at how different asset allocations from “financial gurus” performed since 2005. The results are actually really interesting, but I can’t quite figure out why. Anyone care to point out the key takeaway from this?

6. Should M1 Shareholders Accept the General Offer of $2.06 Per Share? (Pro Butterfly)

Shared by a reader:

Keppel & SPH launched a proposed general offer for $2.06. But are they being opportunistic to launch the general offer during this season when local telco prices are depressed?

7. Ascendas REIT enlarges UK portfolio with $459 mil acquisition of logistics properties (The Edge)

Shared by a reader:

This 2nd acquisition follows their recent one in July 2018, where the Manager announced its first foray into the United Kingdom (UK) with the acquisition comprising a portfolio of 12 freehold logistics properties for an agreed portfolio value of £207.27 million (S$373.15 million8). So in just 3mths, from zero to now they have 38, more than what they have in Australia(35)

Seems like a big vote of confidence for UK post Brexit. Are they expanding too fast too soon and taking a risk there with the Brexit uncertainty still being played out?

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  1. Hi Financial Horse, nothing to do with your post but would like to ask you of your thoughts about the upcoming Phillip SING Income ETF, i know you aren’t a fan of the STI ETF tho. Haha

  2. Hi Financial Horse,

    What is your take on Distribution Reinvestment Plan? I have the option to receive either cash or shares on Mapletree Logistics.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Financial Horse,

    What are your stock picks during a possible market recession?
    Will you still be strong on REITs ( because I would!)


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