Top Reads this Week (9 Dec)


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The Investment Outlook for 2019: Late-cycle risks and opportunities (JP Morgan)

If you have some time this week, this is well worth the read. Sums up most of what you need to know for 2019.

13 Surprising Facts from 100 Millionaire Interviews and What we can learn from them (ESI Money)

Interesting read on the habits of millionaires. I don’t agree with all of them, but still found it quite an entertaining read.

The yield curve is not forecasting a recession (Scott Grannis)

Despite all the doom and gloom floating around, none of the hard economic data is actually indicating a looming US recession.

How cheap is the Hong Kong Market? [Hang Seng Index 7 Year Valuations] (The Asia Report)

Interestingly, even after the current crash the Hang Seng hasn’t hit the valuations it experienced in 2015.

Shared by a reader:

Pre-Brexit hoaring sparks frenzy for warehouse space in Britain (Business Times)

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