Ask Financial Horse

When I first started Financial Horse, I started it to share my thoughts on investing, and to improve my own investing process. I never expected so many people to reach out and share their own investing stories.

Much like you guys, I started knowing nothing about investing as well, and slowly worked my way up from there. So if you have any burning questions on investing at all, my door is always open, because I know how daunting investing can be when you’re first starting out. Drop me an email at [email protected] with the subject title [Ask FH], and I’ll respond to you personally via an article (life does get in the way sometimes, so please forgive me if I take some time to write the article).

In the meantime, I have found that the previous “Ask FH” questions are a fantastic starting point for any new investor, as we’re able to learn from the sample portfolio of other investors, and avoid the pitfalls (or emulate the success):

21 year old asking parents for a loan to invest;

20+ year old looking to buy my first REIT;

22 year old with spare cash to invest  (REITs, ETFs, P2P);

25 year old with plan to invest 1k in S&P 500 monthly;

26 year old investing in crypto;

28 year old, 12k in SRS;

29 year old, debt free and injecting 1k monthly into portfolio;

30 year old professional with 100k portfolio;

30 year old single investing in robo platforms;

30 year old couple with collective income of 250k looking for a passive income strategy;

31 year old with pure REIT play;

30+ year old with 100k inheritance;

37 year old with portfolio going down and 3k every month for investment;

36 year old with no kids with 200k cash;

38 year old with stocks, gold, silver, forex;

40+ year old with 2 kids and shares in the negative and 100k for retirement;

45 year old with 300k in stocks and 600k mortgage loan;

50 year old not satisfied with endowment policies;

50 year old running her own business with 600k war chest;

50+ year old with 1.8 million in boutique fund management;

Retired couple with 2.5 million assets and 400k in investible assets;

The full collection is set out below. Enjoy!