Elite Commercial REIT IPO Review: 7.1% yield backed by the UK Government – too good to pass up?


2020 has been one hell of a year so far. January is barely even over, and we’ve already had a close shave with WWIII, Australian wildfires, Locusts in Africa, Kobe Bryant’s passing, and now the Wuhan Corona Virus. I’ve had enough excitement for the year, thank you very much.

And amidst all that chaos, comes Elite Commercial REIT’s IPO. I had a healthy dose of scepticism about Elite Commercial REIT when going through the preliminary prospectus (as evidenced in my original article here), but now that the final prospectus is out, I actually quite like this REIT.

Basics: What is Elite Commercial REIT?

Elite Commercial REIT is a small cap ($230 million aprox) REIT that holds commercial office buildings in UK. A total of 97 commercial buildings to be precise, scattered all over the UK, as set out below.