New Saxo Managed Portfolio: LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective


Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Saxo Markets.

Saxo has launched a new portfolio – LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective.

Here’s what Adam Reynolds, Asia Pacific CEO, Saxo Markets, has to say:

“We are thrilled to launch the LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective portfolio together with Lion Global Investors, a trusted partner of Saxo. We have seen more people taking control of their investments, and many are either entering the markets for the first time or reviewing their portfolios and allocation strategies for more diversification and yield.

The new portfolio is a great choice for investors with a high-risk tolerance looking for capital growth. Saxo’s technology facilitates investing into multiple fund providers and combined with Lion Global Investors’ expertise in asset management, we are excited to be offering investors a well-curated product to diversify their portfolios. The low service fee of 0.25% is also attractive, we believe, combined with a ‘no lock-in period’, distinguishing this portfolio from others in the market.”

Saxo x Lion Global Investors

Saxo and Lion Global Investors have partnered to launch a multi-asset investment portfolio for investors with a ‘high-risk’ tolerance.

It is Saxo’s first managed portfolio that is built with an Asian focus.

Asset Allocation

  • Both exchange-traded funds and mutual funds.
  • 60% equities, 30% bonds and 10% gold

Within equities, the portfolio initially invests in the BlackRock US Growth fund, Goldman Sachs Asia Equity Portfolio Base fund, Schroders ISF Greater China fund, and Lion Global Japan Growth fund.

For bonds, it has allocation to the Pimco Global Bond, BlackRock High Yield Bond, Fidelity Apac Strategic Income Bond and Schroders ISF European Special Situations funds.

The portfolio also invests in the Aberdeen Standard Gold ETF.

At least 35% of the assets are invested in assets in Asia.

What is the Asset Allocation breakdown?

It’s a high-risk portfolio composed with a heavier-than-usual weighting in Asian assets, aimed at capital growth.

More information here:, including this chart:

How to Invest?

The portfolio is available in SGD and USD denominations.

It is available as a SaxoSelect managed portfolio requiring a lump sum of USD10,000.

Also available as a Regular Savings Plan, investors can choose to start with an initial investment of SGD2,000 and make a minimum regular contribution of SGD100 subsequently.

Cost & Fees

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  • Composition – Multi-asset class portfolio consisting of best-in-class funds from across leading asset managers (i.e. not exclusively LionGlobal funds) and low cost ETFs
  • Strategy – Investing in a globally diversified portfolio, rebalanced quarterly, with targeted exposure to Asia and the Emerging Markets.
  • Service fee – 0.25% p.a. (SGD/USD 25 for an investment of SGD/USD 10,000)
  • No lock-in period
  • Minimum investment (USD lump sum) – USD 10k
  • Minimum investment (SGD Regular Savings Plan) – SGD 100/month, following an initial investment of SGD 2,000
  • Available via all Saxo platforms and apps


How does the manager decide when to replace certain ETFs or Funds?

It’s rebalanced quarterly.

Is the 0.25% fee exclusive of fund/ETF level fees?

Yes, this is service fee per annum.

FAQ on SaxoSelect Managed portfolios:

See here:

Find out more: LionGlobal Dynamic Growth: Asian Perspective

Talk to one of Saxo’s specialists to find out more about the managed portfolios.

Investment risk

Investing in financial products involves risk. As a general rule, you should only invest in financial products if you understand the risks associated with them.

Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Saxo Markets.

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  1. I find it a bit disappointing that this is a pure advertisement post. I kept reading until the end in the hope of hearing your point of view, to no avail… I have nothing against sponsored articles, but on this blog, I’d expect at least a bit of your own original view on whatever you are promoting. In the present case, it seems like a simple copy-paste from what Saxo/Lionglobal sent you.

    Hope you’ll consider this feedback from a regular reader.

    • Understand where you’re coming from, and appreciate the honest feedback.

      We’ll take on board this feedback – will share personal views on such articles going forward.


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