Top Reads this Week (25 Nov)


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Somerset Puteri Harbour Investors frustrated with returns (

Good read on the perils of investing in foreign property, especially when using income support. Hindsight is 20/20, but I think it’s a good case study on always being aware of forex and political risks when making a large illiquid investment in a foreign jurisdiction.

The Triple Jeapardy of a Chinese Math Prodigy (Bloomberg)

Fascinating insight into the lengths that hedge funds will go to protect their quant strategies. High recommended read.

Fed Finally Blinks (Macro Tourist)

What do you guys think. Did the Fed really blink?

Visualizing Stock Market Returns in 23 Different Countries (Four Pillar Freedom)

Interesting results. Who will be the leader when this same chart is done 15 years from now?

Price is set at the margin (CS Investing)

Price is set at the margin, by the few who are willing to buy/sell, rather than the bulk who are just holding.

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