Christmas Promo – Massive Discount on Investment Courses!


Happy December everyone!

It’s an interesting Christmas for all of us this year where none of us will be able to leave Singapore.

And… most of us have a ton of leave to clear.

So why not take some time, and properly learn about investing?

2021 is going to be a massive year for investing (I don’t believe it’s as straightforward as markets are pricing in).

And to coincide, we’re running a massive Christmas Promo the entire month of December.

So take the time out to do your homework, and be ready to deploy your capital in 2021!

What is the Christmas Promo?

We’re doing a massive discount for both Courses:

  • The FH Course price will drop from S$600 to S$499 (due to popular demand, we’re pricing in SGD now to avoid FX conversion fees for you).
  • The REITs MasterClass price will drop from S$850 to S$699 (SGD).

On top of that, we’re likely to be increasing prices in 2021. So buy now to protect against any future price increases!

What else do I get if I sign up now?

And if that’s not enough, signing up now also gets you 3 months subscription to the highest tier of Patron (worth S$210).

This gives you access to the following:

And a premium ask me anything service!

All these materials can be accessed within Appendix A of the course after you sign up.

How long will the promo last?

The Promo will run for the entire month of December, from today until 31 December 2020.

Why do I need to learn about investing?

Think about it this way. If you are going to play tennis against Roger Federer, would you take tennis class beforehand?

If you want to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer, would you go through years of formal education?

It blows my mind that there are courses and degrees out there for everything we do, but when it comes to investing, we’re supposed to just pick it up ourselves.

I’ve seen many investors get blown up in the market because they simply didn’t have the knowledge or skills to understand what was going on.

They were going up against money managers with PHDs from Harvard, 20 years’ experience at Blackstone, people who live and breathe finance.

And that’s in the good times.

These are not good times.

These are wild times, where market moves of 5% a day are normal.

In times like this, trying to invest against the top money manages without some semblance of training and knowledge is suicide.

And in these course, we’ll equip you with the intermediate to advanced level skills necessary to invest properly in a wild market like this.

This is an amazing time to be investing

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

This is an amazing time to be investing.

Many of the Mapletree / CapitaLand backed REITs (eg. MCT/CICT), they’re down 20% to 30% from cycle highs. For the smaller and riskier ones like Starhill Global? Almost 50%, and that’s after the recent recovery.

DBS has recovered almost to it’s pre-COVID prices. For those who picked up during the depths of COVID, we’re sitting on almost 50% capital gains from less than 9 months. But what do you do next? Do you lock in gains and go to cash, or do you hold?

Bank interest rates are close to 1% this days, which makes cash very unattractive. Where do you park your cash instead?

For long term investors who know what they are doing, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

This is the golden age of investing.

BUT – It’s important to know what you’re doing.

I think that:

  1. Some stocks are just never going to recover from COVID-19. It’s probably just downhill from here, and now is a perfect oppotunity to exit after the rally.
  2. Some stocks may recover, but will never hit pre-COVID prices.
  3. Some stocks, they’re just going to recover to pre-COVID prices, and then keep on going higher. And there would be great opportunities to add in 2021.

So in investing, it’s important to be able to pick stocks that fall within category (3), and avoid categories (1) and (2).

That’s that these courses will teach you.

What is the difference between the FH Course and REITs MasterClass?

In one sentence:

The FH Course is for beginner investors who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of investing. If you are new to investing, or have anywhere from one to five years experience investing, this is a great choice.

In the FH Course, you’ll learn about Asset Allocation, Understanding the Market Cycle, REITs, Property Investing, Shares, ETFs, Bonds & Fixed Income, CPF & Tax Planning, and how to put an entire portfolio together.

The REITs MasterClass is for intermediate/advanced investors who already know the basics, and want to take their REIT and real estate investing to the next level. It’s laser focussed on REITs and real estate investing, and teaches you the ins and outs of real estate as an asset class.

In the REITs MasterClass, you learn about how to invest in REITs v Dividend Stocks v Growth Stocks, Statistics & Probabilities & Randomness, how to pick good real estate, how to read the global macro climate, how to pick REITs and know which to avoid, how to build a real estate portfolio, how to decide on the price to buy REITs, and more.

Which Course should I go for?

My simple answer: ask yourself how much you know about investing, and how confident are you in investing.

If you’re brand new to investing, or you want to focus on building your fundamentals, and constructing balanced portfolios, go with the FH Course. It’s probably the quickest way to get you up to speed on everything you need to know.

Sure, you can read books and learn it yourself in the financial markets, but that’s the hard way, and it takes time, effort, and a lot of investment money down the drain. I know because that was me when I first started, so don’t make the same mistake.

If you already understand the fundamentals of investing, and you want to improve your real estate and REIT investing skills, go with the REITs MasterClass. I think that Commercial Real Estate around the world will have a tough year in 2020 – 2021, and as the COVID crisis plays out we’ll see more opportunities to accumulate REITs on the cheap.

But because the mid term is going to be inflationary, high quality REITs are one of my highest conviction investments for the next decade.

BUT – this is a scenario that calls for active investing. I cannot predict with exact certainty how the entire COVID crisis will play out, but it will be volatile, and it will be an uneven recovery across the world. If you’re able to identify pockets of value in this market (and there will be), there’s lots of money to be made.

Is the amount worth it?

Think about it this way – the first stock I bought I invested S$3000, and I lost 80% of that money. That’s S$2400.

As a beginner investor, you’re bound to make mistakes. If this course can help you avoid a 80% loss on a S$3000 investment, it’s paid for itself more than 5 times over.

And we all know that a S$3000 investment is nothing.

Over the course of a lifetime, we’re going to invest hundreds of thousand, even millions of dollars. That’s real, big money on the line right there.

Think about how much money you can lose if you don’t get it right.

And don’t forget about opportunity cost.

If you invest S$20,000 a year from 25 to 65, The difference between 5% a year and 7% a year is $2.5 million vs $4.2 million. That’s a whopping 68% difference, or S$1.7 million.

So don’t be penny wise pound foolish here.

COVID19 and work from home has given us a lot of time to focus on improving our skills.

Take the opportunity to improve yourself. Learn about investing the right way. Learn about investing from the ground up.

Take full control of your finances, and your net worth, so that you’re not beholden to anyone.

What is the FH Course?

Unlike other courses which only touch on one or two topics, the Complete Guide to Investing for Singaporeans gives you everything you need to know as an Investor in Singapore – from asset allocation, understanding the market cycle, Stocks, REITs, bonds, ETFs, Property, CPF and tax planning.

You will learn:

  • How to decide on asset allocation? How much money goes into cash v stocks v REITs v bonds
  • What is the best time in a market cycle to be investing? What to buy at each stage of the cycle?
  • How to invest in REITs? What to look out for, and what to avoid?
  • How to assemble a REIT portfolio?
  • How to invest in Singapore residential property? What to look out for?
  • How to invest in share? What should you be looking for, and what should you be avoiding?
  • How to use ETFs to complement your investment portfolio?
  • How to invest in bonds or fixed income products in Singapore? What to avoid?
  • How to use CPF in the most efficient way possible, for the stage of life and income you are at.
  • How to pay the least tax possible (via legal means)!
  • How to put this all together, and build an investment portfolio that will allow you to achieve your life goals?


  • Exclusive access to my thinking on how the coming crisis will play out

And more…

Course outline below:

  • Module 1: Objectives and Goal Setting
  • Module 2: The Importance of Asset Allocation
  • Module 3: Understanding the Market Cycle
  • Module 4: REITs
  • Module 5: Property Investing for Individuals
  • Module 6: Shares
  • Module 7: ETFs
  • Module 8: Bonds & Fixed Income
  • Module 9: CPF & Tax Planning
  • Module 10: Putting it all together: Sample Portfolios
  • Module 11: Resources on COVID-19
  • Module 12: Advanced Reading
  • *Bonus Content* – Module 13: Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness – Getting an extra edge in Financial Markets
  • FAQs
  • Appendix A – Acccess to Exclusive Patron Content

Asset allocation will make or break your returns

I’m a huge believer in asset allocation.

To build this course, I re-thought my entire approach towards asset allocation for Singaporean investors. I built a complete framework from the ground up to think about your net worth as a Singaporean, inclusive of CPF, property (residential + investment), bonds, stocks, REITs.

This is the same approach I adopt towards conceptualising my own net worth.

In fact, I would even go so far to say that the Asset Allocation module itself is probably worth the entire course fee.

How is the course taught?

The course is taught via a series of online video lectures, exercises and reading materials.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And the lifetime access means you can watch and rewatch the materials at your own pace, for as long as you need.

Perfect during this COVID times.

Think of this as a shortcut, to jumpstart your learning and start from a much higher base than your peers

Can you learn everything in this course by yourself? Probably. But ask yourself, how long would it take for you to build up such knowledge? How much time and effort would it take, and how many mistakes and money do you need to lose in markets in the process?

In this course, I’ve taken everything I know about investing, what I learnt from books, courses, academic journals, interviews, speaking to people, and all my experience in the financial markets over the past 10 years, and condensed it into this course. Think of this as a way to shortcut years of your learning, and immediately start on a much higher base than your peers.

It took me 10 years to build up the knowledge I have today. Even if you can do it in a quarter of the time I took, that’s still 2.5 years. And in investing, 2.5 years can translate into a lot of money lost, and lost opportunities.

If I had been offered such a course 10 years ago when I began my investing journey, I absolutely would have jumped at the chance.

Who should take the course?

The FH Course is appropriate for:

(1) New to investing: Get your investing fundamentals right and build an effective investment portfolio.

(2) Established Investors: Finetune your portfolio and reframe your asset allocation to maximize returns.

(3) Investors thinking of Retirement: Protect your nest egg and stay confidently on track for retirement.

Lifetime Membership

Signing up to the course gets you lifetime membership. The course will be continually updated with new content to keep up with market conditions, like it has been the past year.

You can review the course year after year to refresh your fundamentals as well as keep up with the latest developments.

And buying now locks in the current price, because we’ll likely be raising prices in 2021. The Course Fee will only go up over time!

Don’t wait, take action to jumpstart your investment journey today!

If you have any queries on the course, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

What has changed with the FH Course the past year?

It’s been a very tumultous year, and all throughout the year, we’ve been delivering value to FH Course members via the following new content:

  • Exclusive section on COVID-19 resources with commentary on the crisis as it played out in March
  • Weekly updates via Patron articles (in Appendix A), with market commentary, FH Stock Watch, and FH personal portfolio updates
  • Added a completely new module on Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness that teaches you how to fight the tricks that fool your mind in markets – In investing, your biggest enemy is yourself!
  • Added multiple explanatory notes that significantly beefs up on the core content
  • Added multiple extra reading articles to broaden your investment horizon

Best of all, buying the FH Course gives you LIFETIME access, including all updates that we’ll be adding to the course down the road.

The price of the FH Course will only increase over time, so buying it now locks in a great price and gets you protection against future price increases!

What is the REITs Investing Masterclass?

By contrast, the REITs Investing Masterclass is laser focussed on REITs.

It assumes you already have a basic understanding of asset allocation and how financial markets work.

It then drills down specifically into REITs, and teaches you what you need to know about REITs investing at the highest and most advanced level.

Who is the REITs Investing Masterclass for?

Let me tell you who the REITs Investing Masterclass is not for.

This course is NOT for:

New investors who have never bought a stock / REIT – For these investors, the FH Course is a better place to start. Your emphasis should be on learning how to use stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, gold etc to build a balanced portfolio. You should be learning about tax planning, CPF and asset allocation. Your goal should be maximizing earnings from your day job, while getting your asset allocation and investing fundamentals right, and the FH Complete Guide to Investing will deliver that. 

Investors who want to dollar cost average into the S&P500/STI ETF for the rest of your lives – If your idea of investing is to dollar cost average into the S&P500, $1000 a month for the rest of your life, this course is not for you. Your plan doesn’t call for active management – so just stick with it, and execute accordingly. 

We’ve covered who the course is NOT for.

Now who is this course for?

Serious Investors who want to build a long-term REIT income portfolio – If you’ve been investing in financial markets for some time, if you already know the difference between P/E and P/NAV, if you know how to evaluate a REIT or a stock – but you want to take your investing to the next level. Then this Masterclass is for you. This Masterclass imparts a framework to understand REITs, in the macro environment in which they operate in, in order to build a long-term REIT income portfolio. 

Investors who are not satisfied with average returns– If you’re not satisfied with just buying a REIT ETF or a Syfe REIT+ Portfolio and getting average returns. If you want to have full control over your investing destiny and returns, and you want to achieve above average returns. Then this Masterclass is right for you. 

Investors who plan to deploy your warchest into markets over the next 12 months – If this is you, then you’ve come to the perfect place. I myself plan to deploy big sums into REITs in the next 12 to 24 months. And the framework that I use to pick REITs, and analyse global macro conditions? It’s all in this Masterclass, and more. 

So for those of you who are lost and unsure about what to do over the next 12 months.

For those who want to deploy big money into financial markets but are not sure how to do it given the insane volatility.

For those of you who want to take your investing skills and knowledge to the next level, and put that to use in the coming crisis.

For those of you who want to invest into this market, to build up a long-term income portfolio with great underlying cash flows – but don’t know which REITs to buy.

Then you’ve come to the perfect place.

How much experience do I need to make use of the REITs Investing Masterclass?

I would say as long as you have about one year experience in the markets, and you’ve bought stocks / REITs in the past, you are good.

The way we’ve set up the course, Part II and III are a complete, self contained course on REITs and Dividend/Growth Stocks. I would go so far as to say that Parts II and III go into the same level of detail for those 2 asset classes as we do in the FH Course. So for newer investors, Parts II and III will help you to recap everything you know about REITs and Stocks, and bring you up to the level of knowledge required to understand the rest of the course.

From Part IV onwards, we then go in depth into real estate, real estate as an asset class, how to pick real estate, how to analyse macro conditions for REITs, how to analyse REITs etc. 

What is covered in the REITs Investing Masterclass?

The full course outline is set out below. But very simply, what you will learn is:

  • When is the best time to invest in REITs? And when is the time you should be selling REITs?
  • ​How to make money from real estate? How to identify the best properties to own for a lifetime?
  • How does real estate and REIT fit into your portfolio? What is the best percentage of REITs to have in your asset allocation?
  • What can we learn from REITs from the US? What does this mean for S-REITs in the next 5 years?
  • Unique risks ​you must look out for before buying REITs
  • ​Growth drivers a REIT must have so you can earn increasing distribution and capital gains every year
  • ​The best type of sponsors and managers a REIT must have to protect your capital and make you money
  • The financial and operational metrics a REIT must pass
  • ​How to value a REIT accurately using practitioner level valuation techniques


  • Exclusive access to my thinking on how the coming crisis will play out

And more…

Full Course Outline:

Part 0: Start with WHY

  1. Ask yourself WHY

Part I: REITs vs Dividend Stocks vs Growth Stocks

  1. Investing in REITs
  2. Investing in Dividend Stocks and Growth Stocks

Part II: Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness – Giving you an Edge in Financial Markets

  1. Statistics, Probabilities and Randomness – Giving you an Edge in Financial Markets
  2. Learn what fools the human mind – and override it

Part III: How to make money from Real Estate

  1. Understanding how the Real Estate market really works
  2. How to identify good real estate? What to look out for?
  3. How to Value Real Estate?
  4. How does Real Estate fit in your portfolio – A course in Modern Portfolio Theory
  5. Choosing between Public and Private Real Estate
  6. Why invest in Foreign Real Estate?

Part IV: Macro View – When is a good time to buy REITs? Or to sell?

  1. Studying the evolution of the Global REIT Industry – Where will S-REITs be in 10 years?
  2. Macro Factors and their impact on REITs as an asset class – What macro factors are good for REITs? (Part I and II)
  3. Reading the economic cycle – how to get ahead of the curve
  4. Reading the real estate cycle – how to get ahead of the curve

Part V: Micro View – How to Pick Good REITs? Which REITs to avoid?

  1. How to screen/identify S-REITs
  2. Why is NPI the most important metric to look at?
  3. Sponsor – What is the best kind of sponsor? What is the worst kind to absolutely avoid?
  4. Risks that can tank a REIT’s price/distribution
  5. Growth drivers a REIT must have for you to make money
  6. Operational and Financial Metrics a REIT should pass
  7. Valuations – How to Value a REIT

Part VIII: Building a portfolio

  1. Portfolio construction – Advanced Guide
  2. Using leverage for REITs

Part VI: Deciding the right price to buy or sell REITs

  1. What is a good price to buy REITs?
  2. When to sell a REIT?

Part VII: Case Study

  1. Mapletree Commercial Trust – Case Study
  2. More Case Studies to be added – Students can vote for case studies to be added.

Part X: Conclusion

  1. Conclusion

Think about the Opportunity Cost

I’ve taken everything I know on REITs, on modern portfolio theory, on macro-economics, on real estate, on statistics, and I’ve condensed it into this REITs Investing Masterclass. 

How much would you pay to save months and years of your time?

Don’t forget the opportunity cost. 

I believe the coming months will see a once in a generational opportunity to accumulate commercial real estate (via REITs) on the cheap.

BUT – you will need to be careful to pick the good ones, at the right prices, and at the right times.

I think we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in investing, and the coming years will see active investing vastly outperform passive indexing.

Miss this chance, and you may need to wait a decade for the next.

How is the REITs Investing Masterclass taught?

The class is taught via online lessons. You can leave comments via discussion forums that we’ll respond to promptly.

The actual teaching method, is the same, succinct and to the point talk that you get on Financial Horse. No beating around the bush.

Because your time is precious.

There’s over 20 hours of content in this Masterclass, which gives you an idea of how much content there is.

And… focus on the bigger picture!

In investing, as in life, it’s important not to be penny wise, pound foolish.

I’m reminded of the investors who obsess over picking DBS at $18.5 vs $18.4.

Don’t ever lose sight of the bigger picture here. Don’t lose sight of the forest, for the trees.

The REITs Investing Masterclass is designed for investors looking to seriously invest into the coming crisis.

And if you belong to this group of serious investors, this course will speak for itself.

If you are such an investor, you already know from your own experience how big the losses can get if you’re unprepared, or if you make a single mistake with one REIT.

You know through your own investing experience, how important opportunity cost is.

You don’t want to be scrambling to figure out which operational metric to look at, which Sponsor to focus on, when REITs are at fire sale prices.

You want to be able to get up to speed immediately, to supercharge your knowledge to the level of advanced investors.

You want to have the same knowledge as the big boys, right now. So that you can invest into the coming crisis, and walk away with big gains, instead of nursing big losses.

Get this right, and you’re setting up your finances for the rest of your life.

Invest in yourself. Don’t rely on others. It could just be the best decision you ever made.


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