How Slow Living can Boost your Financial Health


Have you heard of slow living?

Slow living is a mindset whereby you curate a more meaningful and conscious lifestyle that’s in line with what you value most in life.

Slow living can boost your mental & financial health. Here’s how. 

This article was written by a Guest Contributor. 

1. Living in the moment

Slow living means slowing the pace of your life.

Stop and smell the roses. 

This allows you to have a new found appreciation of what you already have. 

This translates to more appreciation of your current life (and things), and having less desire to purchase more. 

Living in the moment allows you to find happiness right here, right now, rather than always being on a hamster wheel looking for more. 

You will find that you can find joy in the free things in life, and spend more time with loved ones. 

2. Slow living increases personal satisfaction

Slow living makes you grateful and appreciative, increasing personal satisfaction.

Many of us chase material things because we are unhappy with our lives, or we use shopping as a stress reliever. 

Slow living makes you slow down, and think about what really matters to you.

Slow living gives you an opportunity to re-centre yourself – both body & mind.

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3. Doing it right, not fast

At the heart of slow living is living intentionally.

Doing it right, not fast. 

Think about your life goals?

Are your finances in check to support your life goals?

Are you expanding your circle of competence? 

Don’t rush into the hottest stock, or follow trends blindly.

Take time to learn more about growing your wealth, shape your financial future with your own two hands.

Anything worth doing shouldn’t be rushed. 

Slow and steady wins the race. 

4. Slow living encourages you to think long-term

Slow living encourages you to fight against the hustle and bustle of every day, and to think longer term. 

What is important to you?

How does retirement look like for you?

All of these big questions are important check-ups on your road to financial health. 

5. Reset your life

Slow living encourages you to press pause. 

To think deeper about what you truly want in life, and see if your current lifestyle matches up.

Do these check-ins regularly to recalibrate your needs. 

Reset your priorities, and your mind, body & soul will thank you for it.

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